FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is your availability on a certain date?

The easiest way to see if I’m available on your chosen date is to click on any of my tours (doesn’t matter which one). Depending on where you clicked my calendar will appear immediately or you have to scroll down to see it.

Since I can only do one tour per day, it does not matter on which tour you click, my availability is always the same.

Where should I book a hotel / where can you pick me up?

Pickups (and drop-offs) depends on where the tour begins and ends. We will finalize the details for the pickup and drop-off locations in the pre-tour email communication.

The following tours all start in Eindhoven:

  • Operation Market Garden Highlights
  • Hell’s Highway
  • Easy Company
  • Americans at Market Garden
  • XXX Corps breakout
  • Belgian Canals

Pickup for these tours is possible at a hotel in the Eindhoven area or at the Eindhoven railway station or ‘s-Hertogenbosch railway station.

The drop-off location depends on your chosen tour. For instance the Operation Market Garden Highlights tour ends in Arnhem so the drop-off point for this specific tour is in Arnhem. We will finalize the details of the drop-off for all tours in our pre-tour email communication.

Nijmegen 82nd Airborne tour

Pickup and drop-off is possible at a hotel in the Nijmegen area or at the Nijmegen railway station.

Arnhem 1st Airborne tour (full or half day)

Pickup and drop-off is possible at a hotel in the Arnhem area or at the Arnhem railway station.

Taking the train in the Netherlands

Many clients stay in Amsterdam and travel to the start point of the tour by train. At the end of the day I’ll drop you off a the train station nearest the last stop.

For an Operation Market Garden Highlights tour this means I can pick you up at Eindhoven railway station and drop you off at Arnhem railway station.

Direct trains run twice per hour from Amsterdam to Eindhoven, Arnhem and Nijmegen (and back). There is no need to purchase a ticket in advance, it’s even possible to do this on the day of the tour at the train station. For train times and pricing information and purchasing tickets you can check: www.ns.nl/en

Which payments do you accept?

Payments for the tours can be made using a number of different options:

If you book directly on my site then all payments are handled by FareHarbor. They accept a wide range of payment methods from Creditcard to Apple and Google Pay.

For group bookings or “specials” we use PayPal which accepts a wide range of payment methods from Creditcard to Apple and Google Pay.

Bank Transfer
Don’t want the hassle with PayPal or creditcards, payments can also be made by bank transfer:

Beneficiary name: The Battlefield Explorer Tours
Account: NL26 KNAB 0258 2216 82

Bank: Knab
Adres: Thomas R. Malthusstraat 1-3, 1066 JR, Amsterdam

Intermediary bank: ABN Amro
Adres: Gustav Mahlerlaan 10, 1082 PP, Amsterdam, Nederland