Over the years I have guided groups ranging from 5 people to over 40, some of these tours were a single day and others bus tours lasted a full week.

The groups I’ve guided consisted of people from all ages, including veterans and school children.

Small groups

For small group and private tours up to 4 people I use my comfortable four-seater minivan, however for groups between five and up to eight people I have to rent a larger minivan. The price to hire a minivan will be added to the price automatically, alternatively you can contact me for a personal quote for your tour. 

Battlefield studies

Over the years I have worked with multiple groups of serving soldiers from the Dutch, British and American armies where the focus was to gain insights into the strategic and tactical level of Market Garden

The tour can be preceded by a lecture on the planning side of the operation.

A selection of military tour reviews from TripAdvisor:

Source: TripAdvisor
Source: TripAdvisor

Large Groups

Do you have a bus tour but no guide? Look no further!

Over the years I’ve done multiple battlefield tours with large groups in the Market Garden area and beyond. I also have a lot of experience in guiding Easy company themed tours for multiple organization from the United States. These tours start for me in the Market Garden area, then continue on to Bastogne, Luxembourg, Haguenau, Dachau, Berchtesgaden and finally end Zell am See (Austria).

Source: TripAdvisor

Full service

On request I can make reservations for lunches and coffee breaks at locations I know and trust, this way I can deliver a full package to give you peace of mind.

Please contact me to discuss possibilities and how I can help you make the most of your tour.