The Tours / Pricing

At this time we offer the following tours, please contact you if you want a custom tour as we are able to create a tour that perfectly suits your requirements.

If you want to learn more about Operation Market Garden, I’ve written a summary of the events which you can find by clicking here.

Operation Market Garden Highlights

In this full day tour, we are going to look at the locations where Operation Market Garden was decided. This tour is a good option if you only have one day available and want to see as much of the area as you can.

The following locations are included in this tour:

  • Arnhem Bridge
  • Oosterbeek perimeter
  • Nijmegen Bridge
  • Waalcrossing
  • Grave bridge
  • Sanddunes & Windmill at Eerde
  • Koevering battle, where the Germans cut the road
  • Bridge at Son

Hell’s Highway tour:


In this full day tour, we will drive up and down Hells Highway from Veghel to Eindhoven. The objectives of the 101st Airbornes were to secure bridges across streams and canals at Son, Sint Oedenrode, and Veghel. If that wasn’t enough they had to secure the town of Eindhoven and the roads connecting them.

In this tour we will be visiting the following locations:

  • Drop and landing zones near Son, Sint Oedenrode, and Eerde
  • The windmill and sand dunes at Eerde
  • Koevering, where the Germans cut the road
  • The bridges at Veghel
  • The site of the temporary American cemetery near Son
  • Road bridge at Son
  • Joe Mann & Robert Cole memorial
  • The Battle for Best
  • Herkenshage Castle, 101 Airborne headquarters during the operation.
  • British cemetery in Uden

This tour takes around 8 hours, please note that a visit to Eindhoven is not included in this tour.

Arnhem Tour


In this tour, we will follow the footsteps of the 1st Airborne division & 1st Polish Para Brigade in their struggle to take the bridges across the Rhine at Arnhem.

Included (amongst other locations) on this tour:

  • Dropzone at the Ginkel Heath
  • Drop and landing zones near Renkum
  • Ambush site of the Reconnaissance Squadron
  • The route to the road bridge as taken by John Frost and his men
  • The battle for the road bridge in Arnhem
  • Battles to get to the bridge to reinforce Frost
  • Oosterbeek perimeter
  • Oosterbeek war cemetery

This tour takes around 8 hours and can start and end at the Hartenstein Airborne Museum in Oosterbeek, a visit to the museum is not part of the tour but highly recommended.

Nijmegen Tour


Visit the battlefields where the famous 82nd Airborne division fought to secure the right flank of Operation Market Garden, the bridges across the Maas-Waal canal and the bridges across the rivers at Grave and Nijmegen.

This tour takes us to (amongst other locations):

  • Road bridge across the Maas River at Grave
  • Lock bridge across the Maas Waal canal at Heumen
  • Dropzones around Groesbeek
  • Canadian Cemetery at Groesbeek
  • Devils Hill where the 508th was surrounded by superior German Forces for a number of days
  • Waal Bridge battles at Nijmegen
  • Waal River crossing location

This tour takes around 8 hours.


We have a flat fee price for our tours:

  • Price for a full day private tour, 1 to 4 people is €320. For a limited time a full day tour, up to four people on sale for only €250!
  • Contact us for group (4 or more persons) prices.
  • We will stop for lunch which is not included in the price.
  • Museum entrance is not included in the price, and usually not part of a tour.

Custom made tour:

If you want to see more have a mix of these tours please let me know, we can take you from Joes Bridge all the way to Arnhem and see the sights.

Unfortunately, there is no fixed price for this, it depends on what you want to see and how you want to see it.