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We Happy Few / Easy Company tour

We Happy Few / Easy Company tour

What a fantastic weekend, with We Happy Few 506 we organized a Band of Brothers event in Eindhoven. Present were Mark Laurence (Dukeman), Matthew Leitch (Talbert), Tim Matthew (Penkala) and Doug Allen (Moore).

We began with a Q&A session In Eindhoven at Lab-1 (highly recommend!) which was a very nice and intimate evening in which new stories were told and great questions asked by our guests.

On Saturday, April 30th, it was my time to step up, the Easy Company Battlefield tour was my responsibility and I was tasked with telling the stories of the men to 55 very interested persons. For me this was the largest group that I worked with so far and I was glad I bought myself a small microphone and speaker system to save my voice some strain! During the Battlefield Tour we visited Nuenen, Son, Koevering, Schoonderlogt, Crossroads and a bonus stop at the John Frost bridge in Arnhem.

At Son Bridge the Screaming Ducks and friends were present with a static show so during the coffee break the guests could explore living history at its finest.

The rest of the day went al according to plan, Schoonderlogt and Crossroads were part of the tour (naturally) and many pictures were taken in both locations. It was also the first time that Mark Laurence, who played Dukeman in the series visited the site where Dukeman was killed. Very emotional….We ended the tour back in Lab-1 where we toasted to the end of a fantastic weekend. It was heartwarming to see how the guests mingled and that new friendships were formed. Glad to have been part of that!

On Sunday, May 1st we drove to Margraten American Cemetery for a private and very emotional visit to Dukemann’s grave. The caretaker (adopter) of the grave was there as well and many a tear was shed. I can look back to a fantastic event in which all the stars aligned to create an unforgettable weekend.

By Joris

My name is Joris Nieuwint and I will be your tour guide! Please allow me to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about what I've been doing over the past years. For the past 10 years I've been living in Veghel, and before that, I've lived in Arnhem for almost two decades. Living so close to the battlefields meant that Operation Market Garden always had my interest and I've been studying the battles for all those years. Sharing what I've learned over the years has been my passion and becoming a tour guide was one of my dreams. Keeping the sacrifices of these men alive by telling their stories and showing the locations where it happened is my greatest passion.

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