September 25th


All day preparations are made for the evacuation which takes place this night. They plan to take only the walking wounded with them, the rest will have to be left behind. The medical staff volunteers to stay behind to take care of the wounded. During the night around 2400 man are evacuated, they are transported across the Rhine by British and Canadian Engineers who make dozens of trips across the Rhine. The Germans think another attempt to reinforce the perimeter is underway so they shell the crossing site. This takes the lives of many soldiers who managed to survive the operation until now.


In order to reopen the corridor, the British 50th infantry division attacks up the corridor from Sint Oedenrode towards Veghel while the 506th PIR of the 101st Airborne with the 44th Royal Tank Regiment attacks south from Veghel towards Sint Oedenrode. However, the Germans have dug in well and are not pushed off the road. It will take another day of hard fighting to clear the road.


The Germans attack again along the Maas river towards Rietmolen and their objective, the Lock Bridge at Heumen. The attacks are eventually stopped by the 2nd battalion 325th PIR.

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